So, Who Gets First Controller?


Here’s a question that still comes up at times when you’re playing with a friend on the same system…So, who takes the first controller?

Let’s start with the basics, whoever owns the system, gets the first controller…ALWAYS. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But, they told me that I could be the first controller.” Short Answer: Stop being a Noob, they were just being nice.

One of my brothers used to come over and we’d play a lot of video games…I mean, a lot of video games. We never had this question come up because it’s just an unwritten rule…like if you pour a lot of milk in your Lucky Charms and then realize your wife doesn’t have enough to eat her healthy cereal, you just add water to the jug before she gets up…don’t judge me.

But, what about when you invite your friend over to play a split-screen game and while you’re setting things up and turn around, you see it…they have your precious…that part of you that knows every dark secret you have. It is one of your most coveted items in the house (sorry kids), the master of disaster, first-controller. I know half of you just passed out at the very thought of it…I’ll give you a second or two……and we’re back.

What do you say in that nightmare? I have the perfect phrase for those situations, “Hey, can I see that a second?” When they give it to you just casually reach down and get ‘the backup’ controller (you know the one, it’s like that crazy cousin you only see twice a year on the holidays) and hand it to them. If you’re like me, and everyone should be, then you reach into the Dorito bag and grab the first chip you come to, and thump him/her in the head with it, just because.


Wars have started over things like this. Who doesn’t understand controller-etiquette? It’s not hard like it’s that last slice of pizza in the box when four of you look down and notice it…that’s a free for all, and anything goes. This is the first controller man, respect. 

We shouldn’t even have to think about something so traumatic on a Saturday. Life is too short to be the second controller on your own system, don’t be a victim. I have like a hundred other things I could say on this, and examples I could give, but just don’t be a Noob and pick up the first controller on a system you don’t own. And if you come to my house and do it, I always have a bag of Doritos handy…and man, those things are like ninja throwing stars.

Author: Gary Cadle

Christian, Writer, Xbox and PlayStation News and Opinion in DFW area. Happily married to my best friend and high school sweetheart for over 33 years, Dad, and Granddad to four beautiful kids. I’m also a retired Paramedic who now saves the world one virtual game at a time. Life is short, so take time and enjoy it, and don’t ‘someday’ yourself out of a lifetime. 

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