Wolfenstein Youngblood: Changing the Difficulty Setting


The new installment of Wolfenstein Youngblood is a great addition to the B.J Blazkowicz story. In this game, you’ll play as his teenage daughters in co-op style gameplay. It also features a new leveling system that puts you against enemies with increasing strength, and it can get tough, fast.

I’ve been asked by several people how to change the difficulty setting, so, here’s everything you need to help clear out those pesky Nazis.

The good news is that you can quickly change the difficulty no matter where you currently are. The bad news is… there isn’t any bad news, so that’s even more good news.

If you’re playing on PS4 then hit the Options button to pause the game (Menu or Xbox One and + on Switch). Then, select Options, then Gameplay, and then you’ll see the Difficulty options list. You can cycle right to increase it, or go left to lower it, with Normal being the default option.

The game has several settings to help you out when you need them (easy, casual, normal, hard, very hard). I recommend the ‘very hard’ setting… Ok, no I don’t because that mode should be called ‘insane’. I was playing with a friend and when he had to take a quick time-out, I changed it to the ‘very hard’ mode. I had to go when he got back so I’m curious how it went from there.


Hopefully, that’ll help some people if they may have a friend like me, or, just need to adjust the difficulty at times. This game is very different from the previous two but just enough to make it feel fresh, and the humor is pretty hilarious.

I wonder if my friend will think it was funny?… The important thing is that I think it was funny… and isn’t that all that counts? I’m just going to assume you said, ‘yes’ to that, and enjoy Wolfenstein Youngblood, it’s an awesome game!

Author: Gary Cadle

Christian, Writer, Xbox and PlayStation News and Opinion in DFW area. Happily married to my best friend and high school sweetheart for over 33 years, Dad, and Granddad to four beautiful kids. I’m also a retired Paramedic who now saves the world one virtual game at a time. Life is short, so take time and enjoy it, and don’t ‘someday’ yourself out of a lifetime. 

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