My Gaming Inventory Is Already Full

Every gamer knows their character’s inventory is an important part of…well, some of it is stuff you will never use and worthless…but, we all still grab it anyway.


It’s a curse that cannot be broken. Who keeps ragged clothes worth zero money? But, I hang on to it until I start running out of space, which for me, is always faster than a hoarder on Christmas.

In games like Skyrim, you must be careful. You’ll start grabbing things at lightning-fast speed and then they slip one item in the middle marked, ‘steal.’ Steal? I raise out of my chair and scream, “NOOOOOOO!” But it’s too late, it’s been added to your inventory and you have now become public enemy number one, Skyrim’s Most Wanted.

So, I wondered to myself, “Self? What would happen if you did that in real life?” Let me just say, I’ll be writing about the results when I make bail. Not really…they let me off with just a warning. Ok, so I haven’t tried it…but what if you did?

The next time we go to someone’s house, I’m taking a large sack with me. I think at some point, I’ll just start adding small things to the sack until they stop me. I’ll explain that I’m just trying to make a health potion and just needed a few items…yeah…they’ll love us coming over.

If I know one thing games have taught us, it’s that you can go into almost any random house once you saved their lost goat, or found the family spear that was stolen, and then just, take pretty much anything you want. Do you ever feel bad that you did something for these people who are usually worse off money-wise, and then took their life savings and everything they had worth anything for your inventory?

I struggle to do that because I always play the ‘good guy.’ I just saved your town from a huge fire-breathing dragon, and now you all owe me half of everything you have…hello, you have just now become “Negan.”

I’m not suggesting that anyone go out and try this. I will do it as a ‘controlled experiment’ and write an article on the results. I mean, you can do it in games, why can’t you at least try it in real life? That’s the legal argument I’ll plead out anyway.


Everyone knows that games are just an extension of real life. Ok, my wife is now telling me that it’s not a true statement. I disagree, like when she tells me that the graphics outside are better than our 4K TV. Ha, can you imagine that? Outside is better than 4K? She’s behind me now, isn’t she?

Author: Gary Cadle

Christian, Writer, Xbox and PlayStation News and Opinion in DFW area. Happily married to my best friend and high school sweetheart for over 33 years, Dad, and Granddad to four beautiful kids. I’m also a retired Paramedic who now saves the world one virtual game at a time. Life is short, so take time and enjoy it, and don’t ‘someday’ yourself out of a lifetime. 

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