Which Gaming Achievement Are You Most Proud Of?

That’s right, you’ve been working for days to get that special Xbox achievement, and now, someones going to have to see it.


When I’m at home and playing (I mean working, I totally meant working) and finally hear that ‘pop’ of an achievement I’ve been trying to get for five days, yes, I get excited. I’ve been known to jump up and throw my hands in the air and sometimes, doing a dance that my wife has described as looking like a chicken having a seizure… which is a little harsh… but it is fair.

It’s a victory all of us know too well. But, you’re fixing to hear, the rest of the story. You just did your chicken-seizure dance and turn around to show that precious trophy or achievement off and… no one is there. When I’m at home my wife is awesome and always more than supporting, but she’s not a huge console fan. Her achievements are more hand-held and involve jumping over mushrooms and constantly trying to save a princess that, I swear, keeps teasing that blasted dragon, just saying.

There’s no print out of your accomplishment, just that brief window of proof when you see a flash on your screen. It all happens to me in slow-motion mode and I’m still fist-bumping myself (which yes, maybe a little sad) and then you see the notification start to fade, NOOOOO!

Yes, you can always look it up on your fancy phone or better yet, scroll through when you’re with your friends and pull the old, “Huh, I didn’t even realize I got this trophy,” bit. You innocently show them your accomplishment and secretly smile, because now, someone else has seen your world domination. Achievements and Trophies are meant to be shared with your friends and fellow gamers, that’s part of it, that’s what I tell myself anyway.


I love gaming, it’s the best job/recreation I know. I’m not a big sports guy, my big week of the year is E3 and QuakeCon. Yes, Achievements and Trophies are awesome and when I go somewhere my Xbox One X goes with me. I even take it when I’m visiting with family out of town, I mean, you always have some downtime.

I will continue to take my chicken dance on the road with me and I did a lot of it when we visited QuakeCon this year, for our seventh year in a row. Life is always so serious, but when I’m playing all that stress goes away… and then new stress starts again when that huge¬†oversized Boss destroys me in just a few swipes. Why is it so Dark…Souls?